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Managed To Eclipse Themselves In Bad Service

| Working | September 28, 2014

(I’m a huge ‘Twilight’ fan. I had all the movies (and every book out) save for the movie ‘Eclipse.’ Now, I’m also an avid reader, and I buy books every paycheck. I go into this store to finally buy ‘Eclipse’ and the last two John Green novels I’m missing, as well as some books from the bargain bin. I take it to the front counter and set them down. The employee scans the books, ignoring the expensive, two disk special edition ‘Eclipse.’)

Worker: “Your total will be [Total].”

Me: “Um, no. I wanted to get this, too. It’s why I came in.”

Worker: “Oh, you don’t want that. Twilight is really stupid. You have good tastes in books; don’t ruin it by watching that s***.”

(My jaw actually dropped, as I hate when people judge others by what they read/watch, and the fact he cussed at work.)

Me: “I happen to love Twilight, and read it constantly. I DON’T find it to be garbage, and regardless of your opinion, you DO need to ring it up, keep your opinion to yourself, and let me pay for it.”

Worker: “No. The customer isn’t always right you know.”

Me: “Fine, put it all back. I have your name, and I sure as h*** am going to be telling your manager why you lost a one hundred plus sale.”


(In this case, yeah, the customer was. I managed to find the movie and my books at a much cheaper price at their competitor.)

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