Managed By A Busybody

| Working | November 25, 2014

(There are just two cashiers working and no manager on duty when everyone on the highway decides they need to stop and fuel. Diesel and gas registers are both busy, and the phone is ringing nonstop. There are two lines for the fuel desk, one for the restaurant, and one for the garage. The restaurant and garage never use their own lines to call out.)

Garage: *over phone intercom* “Hey, you guys have a call on line four.”

Me: “Okay, thanks.” *picks up* “Thank you for calling [Store]. This is [My Name]. Can I help you?”

General Manager: “Why couldn’t I call through on lines one and two?”

Me: *clearly waiting on customers* “I’m guessing the restaurant and garage are on them. They’ve been lit up for a while.”

General Manager: “Are you sure you girls aren’t talking on the phone to your boyfriends?”

Me: “Very sure. It’s very busy and we have lines almost to the door.”

General Manager: “Because I called two or three times on each line.”

Me: “Then maybe you should tell the other managers to stop their employees calling out on our lines. Did you need something? We’re really busy.”

General Manager: “Are you sure you aren’t on the phone with someone else?”

Me: “No, [Manager], I am NOT on the phone with someone else and neither is [Coworker]! Did you need me to do something or not because [Coworker] needs help!”

General Manager: “No, I’m just calling to check on you. See you tomorrow.”

Me: “Bye!”

(I guess he must have checked the tapes when he came in the next day, because I didn’t hear anything else about it!)

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