Man, You’re In Trouble!

| Working | January 5, 2016

(The phone rings with an internal call. I don’t recognize the caller’s name. I often get wrong number calls because my number is similar to another department.)

Me: “[Department].”

Caller: “Oh, sorry, I think I have the wrong number.”

Me: “No problem, goodbye.”

(Phone rings again; same caller.)

Me: “Looks like you got me again. Who were you trying to reach?”

Caller: “[My Name].”

Me: “Oh, that’s me. How can I help you?”

Caller: “I really think I have the wrong number.”

Me: “No, you just said my name. You’ve got me. Are you one of our new employees? [My Supervisor] said that the new employees would be calling me to schedule [Training].”

Caller: “But you have a man’s name, and a man’s job!”

Me: “I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say the second half of that, and, yes, my name is unisex, but it’s the feminine spelling, if you look closely. Would you like to schedule your training?”

Caller: “I think I have to check with my supervisor. Goodbye.”

(I beat him to the punch and called his supervisor (who I am good friends with) before he could. They sent him to diversity training and “had a little talk with him” before letting him schedule his training with me. I am keenly aware that my office is close to 70% men, but for a NEW employee to say something like that to a SENIOR employee was WAY out of line.)

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