Man, What A Woman!

, , | Friendly | June 7, 2017

(I am riding home in the car with my friend, who is driving. We’re both 18-year-old guys, and despite my friend being ugly as sin, he has long hair, moisturizes his skin, and has a few other “girly” traits we used to keep making fun of. At a bus stop popular with hitchhikers, we notice a guy trying to catch a lift to our home town, so we stop the car.)

Hitchhiker: “Are you going to [Town]?”

Friend: “Sure, hop in!”

(Just as we’re about to leave, there’s a knock on my window. It’s a woman who asks whether we can also take her to the town just before ours. We agree and she gets in the back near the first hitchhiker. The woman starts talking to my driver friend. In our language, you pronounce verbs differently when you speak to men or women, and she kept using female verbs while talking to him.)

Friend: *turns around* “I’m a guy, by the way.”

Woman: “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry! I just thought you were a girl who neglects her eyebrows!” *in her defence, he has HUGE eyebrows*

Me: “Don’t worry, you’re not the first nor the last to make that mistake.”

(We have a good laugh, and drop her off at the entrance to the town she was headed to. As we continue to drive, I look in the rear view mirror, and notice the first hitchhiker shifting VERY uncomfortably in his seat.)

Me: “Is anything wrong?”

Hitchhiker: “You know that was a man, right?”

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