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Man, That’s (B)Leak

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CONTENT WARNING: Child Neglect/Abuse


As assistant manager, I am running to the customer service desk because a customer is flipping out.

Customer: “Your house brand diapers are super poor quality!”

Me: “Sir, please calm down. What is your complaint about the diapers?”

Customer: “Your diapers start leaking after only five hours on my baby! [Competitor]’s lasts nearly seven!”

Me: “Five… hours?”

Customer: “You’re gonna give me my money back, plus $40 compensation because my time is worth $20 an hour, and I figure I’ve wasted two hours coming to the store to fix this.”

I quickly showed him the door, despite overly loud threats of “never stepping foot in this store again”.

Luckily, we thought fast enough to get his license plate from the parking lot so we could call CPS on his a**.

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