Man, I Feel Like A Woman

| Romantic | December 9, 2012

(My boyfriend is a gentleman and always opens doors for me, and was brought up to believe that a man should open doors for a woman, and not the other way around. I was brought up to hold the door open for people if you get there first, but whenever I do, he teases me about being the manly one.)

Me: *waiting for him to open the door* “Sorry, I refuse to open doors for you anymore, since last time you stripped me of my womanhood.”

Boyfriend: “Yes, because if you open the door for me, you’re being the man.”

Me: “But doesn’t calling me the man bother you? Because that makes you the woman!”

Boyfriend: “Nope, we’re a gay couple.”

Me: *laughing* “Oh, really? Well then, I guess I wear the pants!”

Boyfriend: *shrugs* “I’m good with wearing no pants.”

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