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Man-ages To Get The Joke

| Romantic | March 16, 2016

(I have finished Skyping with my mom when my boyfriend returns from the gym. I am relating parts of our conversation to him.)

Me: “So, I told my mom one of your bad jokes, and she said it sounded like a joke my dad would make.”

Boyfriend: “Which one?”

Me: “I don’t know, just a really cheesy one. I said that you were already telling dad jokes even before you’re a dad, and my mom said, ‘You know your dad was already telling those jokes before we had you guys.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, God, I’m dating a man with the same sense of humor as my father!'”

Boyfriend: “There’s a word for that, you know.”

(I brace myself for the worst.)

Boyfriend: “…A man.”

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