Mambo Italiano

| Romantic | August 27, 2014

(I’m on a trip with my university’s ‘ancient studies’ department to Italy. We’re taking a ferry from the Bay of Naples to Sicily. My friend and I spot a few cute Italian guys our age on board, and I take a liking to one in particular. We run into them later in the night and get chatting. The one I like (Guy #1) speaks the most English, which suits me just fine. Another guy (Guy #2) is being a bit more flirtatious.)

Guy #2: “You say you have a cabin?”

Me: “Yes, I share a cabin with someone else on our trip.”

Guy #2: “Is she there now?”

Me: “I think she’s at the dance party out on the deck. It’s okay, though. I can guard the room without her.”

Guy #2: “Would you like someone to stay with you until she comes back?”

Me: “Um, no, thanks.”

Guy #2: *points* “Would you like [Guy #3] to go back with you?”

Me: “Uh… no.”

Guy #2: *points to himself* “Do you want ME to go back with you?”

Me: “No, grazie.”

(Suddenly, Guy #3 gets up and starts saying something very quickly in Italian that I don’t understand. Guy #1 covers his eyes with his hand and sighs.)

Me: “Sorry, what did he say?”

Guy #1: “He wants to sing and dance for you.”

Me: “Oh! Um, that’s okay. He doesn’t have to.”

Guy #1: *says something in Italian to Guy #3 that I roughly understand as ‘She says no. Sorry, man.’*

Guy #3: “No, no! I good dancer! Watch!”

Guy #1: *tells Guy #3 off in Italian again and gives me an apologetic smile* “Sorry about him…”

(My friend starts laughing and eventually convinces me to go find my cabin-mate. I bump into Guy #1 later and he gave me his number!)

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