Making Your Toes Curl Too

, , , , | Right | September 11, 2018

(I have long, curly hair. I am shopping in a beauty supply store where they are currently having a special on blow-outs and flat irons.)

Sales Associate: “Hi! Welcome to [Store]. Would you like a free demo of these ceramic flat irons?”

Me: “Thanks, but no. It would ruin my curls.”

Sales Associate: “Okay. Just so you know, we’re having a special—”

Random Customer: “HEY! You NEED this flat iron.” *grabs flat iron from associate and reaches towards my hair*

Me: *backing up* “Do NOT touch my hair.”

Random Customer: “But it’s so curly! And this is a flat iron!”

Sales Associate: “It’s okay, ma’am.” *tries to get flat iron from customer*

Random Customer: “But she’s got so many curls!”

Sales Associate: “I think she likes them.” *manages to get the cord to the flat iron but the customer is still holding onto it*

Random Customer: “No one likes curls! Let me just…” *grabs at my hair again*

Me: “If you touch me, it will be assault. Do not push your luck. Get away from me.”

Sales Associate: “Ma’am, I’m going to need that back.”

Random Customer: “But she has CURLS!”

(The sales associate managed to get the flat iron away from the customer but she insisted on following me around the store, yelling that I had curls and I needed to get rid of them. As I approached the register with my purchases, she had changed tactics to yelling that I was accusing her of assault just for trying to “fix” my hair. At that point the manager finally stepped in.)

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