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Making Your Final Fantasy Come True

, , , , | Hopeless | April 6, 2016

(I have flown out to Boston from the Midwest to an anime convention to meet a specific guest of honor who has been brought in from Japan. Unfortunately, due to the convention using a new ticket system for autographs, with only two items to sign allowed per ticket, I am not able to get in on Saturday, and by the time I get to the area on Sunday, the last day of the event, the tickets have all been given out. I excuse myself to vent my emotions by myself, crying in a side hallway, when all of a sudden, a young woman I hadn’t seen all weekend approaches me.)

Woman: “Excuse me… I wanted to make sure you were all right. Is everything okay?”

Me: *quickly drying my eyes* “I’m sorry, I’ll be all right. I came all the way here to meet Nobuo Uematsu, and I’m not going to be able to.”

Woman: *looking at me like she’s considering deeply* “How many things do you have for him to autograph?”

Me: “Just one… Why?”

Woman: “If you take my notebook with you and grab that second autograph for me, I’ll give you my ticket to get in.”

(I stared at the woman in disbelief, trying to decline, but she insisted, and together, we went to explain the situation to the ticket organizers. By the time we finished telling the staff member what’s going on, there’s not a dry eye in the vicinity, and much to both our surprises, the staff lets both me and my hero go in! We were both able to get both our items signed, and while I haven’t seen my friend in years, I will never forget the kindness she showed to a poor, lost, Midwestern girl on her first trip to Boston.)

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