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Making You Wish You Could Leave Them Out In The Cold

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: gravelangel | August 24, 2021

I work in a hotel, and like all of you, I am so tired of the entitled idiots with shiny status. I’m in Texas, and like most of the rest of the state, we had rolling blackouts during the winter storm a few months ago. I lived at the hotel for twelve days, including my birthday, to make sure that all shifts were covered. The vast majority of our guests were part of a stranded hockey team here for a tournament.

The power wouldn’t stay on long enough to complete a load of laundry, it was freezing when the power was off, and after the fire department came out twice to rescue folks stuck in the elevator, we were required to shut them down.

The reviews we got afterward were mostly complimentary and most of the stranded guests made the most of the situation. Not [Guest], though. [Guest], a parent of one of the players, wanted a refund for his entire eight-day stay.

Guest: “You shouldn’t be open when there is no power, no elevator, and no regular laundry or housekeeping service!”

You’re so right, [Guest]. We should have kicked your flight-cancelled a** to the minus-two-degree curb immediately so you could actually be inconvenienced by sleeping in the park across the street.

On a more positive note, the hockey team apologized for their crappy parent and sent our housekeeping staff a fat check as a thank-you for their hard work cleaning up after they all left.

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