Making You Feel Five Alive

, | Hopeless | December 6, 2016

(I work for a well-known retail pharmacy and it’s about 6:00 pm, right when people are getting off work and picking up their prescriptions on their way home. I’m working the drive-thru and both of my lanes are backed up by at least three cars.)

Customer #1: “What the f*** is taking so long?”

Customer #2: “How long does it take to put pills in a bottle?”

Customer #3: “Y’all’s service has gone downhill. I’ve been waiting 30 minutes for my script.”

(Finally, when I reach my last car, I reach out and hand this lady her prescription and almost immediately, she places a $5 bill in my hand.)

Customer #4: “I know you’re working really hard. Go buy yourself a little snack and a Coke to get you through your day.”

(The gesture was so small, but it made my day and my week so much better.)

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