Making Up For Making Out

| Romantic | November 5, 2012

(My family and I go to a movie theater. The movie has just opened, and the only seats left are next to a teenage couple. Within the first few minutes, they start to make out.)

Me: “Oh, god, they’re already making out.”

(After the movie, the annoying couple who made out nonstop meets up with an older couple; it turns out they’re the girl’s parents.)

My mom: “That’s her parents!” *cracks up laughing*

My dad: “We should totally tell the dad!”

(Note: the dad is a big burly guy and quite scary looking.)

Me: “That would be hilarious!”

(We all laugh, and the teenage boy turns and looks at us, recognizing us immediately. His face turns a pale grey, he then leans in and tells his girlfriend about us. She turns the same shade of grey and glances at us and her parents nervously. When everyone leaves, I see the girl look back at us one more time.)

Me: *shouting* “You’re welcome!”

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