Making The Same Old Mistakes Is Its Own Reward

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(I work in a gas station for a popular grocery store.)

Customer: “It’s not reading my card.”

Me: “Okay. It resets itself after a minute of inactivity, so we’re just going to run your information again.”

Customer: “But I just put this all in.”

Me: “Yes, sir. But it resets after a minute. It just needs your rewards card, please?”

Customer: “I don’t understand. I just put this in.”

Me: *ignoring them at this point* “Okay. So there’s your rewards card. It just needs your credit card now.”

Customer: *swipes card, in the opposite direction the little picture says*

Me: “Oh. It looks like it was swiped backwards. I just need the strip facing left.”

Customer: *swipes again and it goes through* “Huh. That’s weird. I did all of that exactly like that last time, too.”

Me: “Well… these machines are old. Sometimes they just don’t cooperate.”

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