Making The Neighborhood Smile Like The Cheshire Cat

, , , | Friendly | June 6, 2016

(I live in the apartment next door to the complex manager. She is a friendly lady known for her love of cats. A cat named Mollie had been abandoned by a neighbor and left to roam the complex, meowing sadly for food and attention.)

Manager: “Mollie needs a home. I’d take her, but she doesn’t get along with my cats. If you and [Roommate] will adopt her, I’ll waive the pet deposit on the unit and pay for her first round of vaccinations.”

Me: “Oh, we’d love to!”

(We take Mollie into our home. She loves hanging out in the window or on the balcony, and soon our neighbors start commenting.)

Neighbor #1: “We’re so glad Mollie has a home!”

Neighbor #2: “Oh, there’s Mollie! She looks so good!”

Neighbor #3: “Nice to see Mollie so happy!”

(I had never owned a cat before, but Mollie gave our home a warmth I hadn’t realized it was lacking. She was with me through two moves, several relationships, and meeting my husband. When she passed away last year, she received written tributes from me, my husband, my former roommate, and my ex-boyfriend. I like to think she’s hanging out with my apartment manager, who passed on a few years ago. Her act of kindness to help an animal had the most profound impact on my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.)

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