Making The Coffee Bean Racist

, , , | Right | April 3, 2019

(I work at an espresso stand. I am a Latino that looks extremely Caucasian as I got most of my looks from my mother’s side of the family rather than my father’s Mexican side. A customer drives up to our stand and orders a coffee. After I hand him his drink, he hands me a business card.)

Customer: “This is the stand that I own in [Nearby City].”

Me: “Oh, how’s it do? You’ve got a lot of competition here.”

Customer: *laughs* “We make money hand over fist.”

Me: “Awesome. I’ve thought of trying my hand opening my own stand in another state where they don’t have as many. Colorado seems like it might be the place to try it out.”

Customer: “Colorado is full of Mexicans. Mexicans don’t drink coffee!” *laughs* “They can pick it fine, but they don’t drink it.”

Me: *long pause* “Have a nice day, sir.”

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