Making Stuff Happen

| Related | March 17, 2015

(I’m watching two of my nephews, aged seven months and six years. I have to take the eldest to school but he’s no where near ready. I’m changing his brother’s diaper while talking to him.)

Me: “[Oldest Nephew], go get your jumper… Go get your Chill Out Pass… Go brush your teeth… Go put your socks on… Get your shoes…”

Nephew: *now frustrated* “Why do you keep making me do STUFF?!”

Me: “Because I’m not your slave?”

(That night my sister comes to talk to me after putting him to bed.)

Sister: “So, [Nephew] complained that you are bossy and make him do things.”

Me: “Yeah, he didn’t like me telling him to get ready for school this morning.”

Sister: “Oh, don’t worry. I just laughed and said ‘good.'”

Me: “Oh?”

Sister: “He didn’t like that…”

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