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Making A Spectacle Of Your Stupidity

, , , , | Right | June 7, 2017

(I answer a call:)

Caller: “Hello, my son just received his new glasses and I don’t think they’re right!”

Me: “What is the matter with the glasses?”

Caller: “They’re way too strong!”

Me: “Is the child complaining of discomfort or blurry vision?”

Caller: “No, but when I put them on, I can’t see anything! They must be too strong! When I look around the room, I can’t see anything! I can’t imagine that my child sees anything, either!”

Me: “Well, those glasses would not be prescribed for your vision. They are prescribed for your child’s vision because you see differently.”

Caller: “They are just too strong and I’m not gonna have my child wearing these!”

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