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Making No Concessions

| Right | January 16, 2013

(I work on a concession in a department store, and can’t handle any of the host store’s furniture or advise people on it. To help people realise the difference, I dress differently. I’m talking to a couple about my concessions bedroom furniture. The sir turns to a piece that isn’t mine.)

Sir: “Tell me about that one.”

Me: “I can’t advise you on that; it’s [Host Store]’s product.”

Lady: “What?”

Me: “I’m not employed or trained to handle any of [Host Store]’s furniture, just my own company.”

Sir: “Stop all this talking and tell me about it.”

Me: “I can lend you a tape measure if you want to get the measurements.”

Sir: “Why can’t you measure it?”

Me: “As I said, I’m not [Host Store], so I can’t do anything with their furniture.”

Lady: “You’re wasting our time.”

(The couple walk off, loudly complaining about my lack of service. Ten minutes later they come back to me.)

Sir: “We’re going to be buying these things.” *points to the Host Store’s pieces*

Me: “That’s lovely.” *I point out a host store employee* “She will be able to do it for you.”

Sir: “Why aren’t you?”

(I explain again why I can’t, but they won’t accept my explanation.)

Lady: “I’ve had enough of your bloody attitude! You’re lazy and I can’t believe you’re being paid to be rude.”

Sir: “That’s it, you’ve lost a sale!”

(Both dramatically storm away and continue raging about how terrible I am. On the way out, they manage to wrangle the store manager and bring her over.)

Store Manager: “Of course, she can’t sell you it; that’d be stealing. She’s from another company.”

Sir: “…So she’s not being lazy?”

Store Manager: “No, she’s doing her job sending you to one of my employees.” *turns to me* “Thank you for your help.”

(The couple go on to buy the pieces, but never did apologize for their behavior.)

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