Making New (Zealand) Friends

, , , | Hopeless | June 28, 2016

(It’s my last night staying in a hostel in San Francisco, and I’m taking the train home to Pennsylvania the next day. I’m in the cafe talking to some guys from New Zealand, who I met just that day. We really hit it off and even teamed up for a trivia contest the hostel held that night, which we won.)

Guy: “So, you said you’re heading back home tomorrow?”

Me: “Yep, catching the train home. Unfortunately, that means I have to wake up at 5:00.”

Guy: “Why?”

Me: “Because I have to take the subway to the train station, and I have to take the bus to the subway station, and to make sure I catch the bus on time, I have to get up really early!”

Guy: “Oh, no, f*** that, man. I’ll drive you!”

Me: *amazed* “Really?”

Guy: “Yeah, mate. Just wake me up about an hour before you want to leave so that I have time to get ready!”

Me: “Wow. Thanks, man!”

(He and his friends did indeed drove me to the train station in their rental car the next day. Because I didn’t have to wake up as early, I got to eat breakfast at the hostel, which I would have missed if I stuck with my original plan. This is what I love about the hostel experience: you get to meet so many nice and interesting people. We friended each other on Facebook and I still chat with them occasionally. I call them my kiwi bros.)

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