Making Multiple Meals Out Of It, Part 2

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I am a supervisor at a local tourist spot as a food services supervisor, and we have a few different food outlets in the park. Near the very end of the day, a lady comes up to our fish and chips window.

Customer: “I want a four-piece chicken strip combo. I want it split four ways for my four children.

Coworker: “Sure! Since the combo just comes with small fries, that means each of those four portions will include just one chicken strip and a few fries.”

He repeats it a couple of times, but she impatiently tells him that is okay. You can probably see where this is going. When she comes to pick up her order, she is irate.

Customer: “I wanted each of those portions to have at least two strips and small fries!”

She wants all of this, even though she is only willing to pay the price of a single combo. She screams at my coworker, telling him he is incompetent and all kinds of things.

The fish and chips place is in a remote location from the main kitchen, so there is no manager there, just supervisors. She isn’t willing to pay more, though, and my coworker isn’t about to make her more chicken strips and fries for free, so finally he tells her:

Coworker: “This outlet is now closed and if you have any more issues you should take it up with the manager.”

The customer left and he closed the shutter, but then she came around to the side door of the building and screamed at him some more.

Even when they closed the door, she waited for them and followed them across the park when they walked back to the main kitchen… where they were able to meet up with the manager and she was asked to leave the park.

We don’t allow meal-splitting anymore. If customers want something split, we’ll give them plates and knives and they can do their own portions.

Making Multiple Meals Out Of It

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