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Making Mom :-(

| Related | April 22, 2016

(I had recently found a lump in my neck, so we go in to get a sonogram of it. The following happens in the reception office with my mom. I am a typical teenager:)

Mom: “Hey, [My Name], what does this mean?”

(She then shows me a text she got from my older sister with a :b emote at the end. I immediately start cracking up.)

Me: “Mom, really? It’s a sticking your tongue out emote. It means you’re being playful. I thought only sit-com moms didn’t understand those things!”

(My mom begins to get all flustered.)

Mom: “Just tell me what it means!”

Me: “I just told you, it means you’re being playful. [Sister] is so hearing about this.”

Mom: “Oh, shut up!”

(I couldn’t stop laughing. They very nearly had to sedate me for the sonogram.)