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Making Minor Adjustments

| Working | April 8, 2015

(I’m traveling solo, visiting my sister out west, and during my return journey I decide to use a check-in kiosk since I don’t have much luggage. I do, however, have my stuffed cat out for a photography project. The woman in front of me was having trouble using the kiosk, so an airport employee has come to help her. When she’s done, I step up, but the employee doesn’t leave. Note that I’m 21 but often told I look younger.)

Employee: “Good morning.”

Me: “Good morning!”

Employee: “Where to?”

Me: “[Airport].”

Employee: “Okay, can I see your boarding pass?”

(I’m a bit confused, since no one else had to get theirs checked, but since he works there I figure he has a reason, so I hand him my pass. He gets on to the kiosk and starts doing everything for me. Again, I’m not sure why, but logic it out that perhaps there’s something up with the machine.)

Employee: “And can I see your ID?”

Me: “Uh… sure.” *hands over my VERY well-worn but recognizable college student ID*

Employee: “I meant I like a driver’s license or passport or…” *pause as he realizes what he’s holding* “Wait, how old are you?!”

Me: “21.”

Employee: “…Oh.”

(He looked rather embarrassed after that and allowed me to finish on my own. Apparently with the stuffed cat he thought I was a minor traveling alone and didn’t know how to work the machine!)

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