Making Incorrect Links

| Related | January 22, 2013

(I come from a family that is half Christian, half Roman Catholic, so it’s touchy to change things. I have been slowly easing my parents into the fact that I have chosen to follow a pagan path. I have just received a necklace with the spiritual stones from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on it.)

Dad: “So, what do you call that necklace?”

Me: “The spiritual stones.”

Dad: “Who’s spirit?”

Me: “The land of Hyrule’s.”

Dad: “And, uh…”

Me: “Where’s Hyrule?”

Dad: “Yeah.”

Me: “It’s the place where Legend of Zelda takes place!”

Dad: “And is that your religion?”

Me: *pause* “No, that’s a video game.”

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