Making Hangry People Look Bad

, , , , | Friendly | June 7, 2019

(I’m on my way home and just got off the train. I stop at a bench on the platform to take my headphones out of my backpack to listen to some music. When I turn around to leave, there’s a girl in her early twenties standing in front of me, looking a bit pale but otherwise fairly well off.)

Girl: *unintelligible due to the music*

Me: *taking off headphones* “Pardon?”

Girl: *smiling brightly, holding out her hand* “Hello, could you give me some money?”

Me: *smiling just as brightly* “Definitely not!”

(I then start walking towards the stairs. Apparently, that makes her snap.)

Girl: “Hellooooo? I’M HUNGRY!”

Me: *over the shoulder* “So am I.”

Girl: “I’m hungry and you’re not showing mercy! You owe me mercy! YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME MONEY! I’M HUNGRY SO YOU OWE ME MONEY! HEARTLESS CRUEL C***!”

(She then threw a handful of coins at me that she’d probably begged off other people. I was already about 20m away by that point, so none of them hit me, but they rained all over the platform and the tracks. Seems like she didn’t need them that urgently.)

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