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Making Drive-Thru Feel Affronted

, | Working | February 25, 2015

(There’s a drive thru order for an item that we only cook to order and takes about four minutes. I’m cooking it and it’s just about ready when we receive an order on front counter for the same thing. I start cooking it and put the first one on the heat chute.)

Me: “Drive thru, your hot dog is up.”

Customer On Front: “Hey, that’s mine!”

Me: “Sorry for the confusion. Theirs came up first because they ordered a couple minutes before you. Yours will be ready shortly.”

Customer On Front: “That doesn’t matter; I should be first!”

(He leaves with his food, still making a stink. The next day, the manager calls me into the office.)

Manager: “You know you aren’t supposed to serve drive-thru before front. We had someone complain that you gave his food away yesterday.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I remember him. He didn’t even place his order until the one for drive-thru was cooked.”

Manager: “That doesn’t matter; it’s always front first when they order at the same time.”

Me: “They weren’t at the same time, though. Drive-thru ordered several minutes ahead of front. Pull up the orders on the computer; I’m sure I can find it.”

Manager: “Front gets served first no matter what and that’s the end of it.”

Me: *giving up* “Okay, but don’t be surprised when we get complaints about drive-thru waiting eight minutes for their food.”

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