Making April Fools Out Of Them

| Learning | January 24, 2014

(It is April Fool’s Day; however, most of the class is too tired to notice.)

Teacher: “Time for a pop quiz! How about some yays!”

Class: *groans*

Teacher: “Glad to hear the excitement! But first, I have cupcakes!”

Class: *halfheartedly cheers*

Teacher: “Okay! [My Name], pass them out!”

(I walk up to her desk and she hands me a tray of cupcakes, I look at them and giggle, making the other students confused. Once I pass them out everyone is laughing. They say ‘April Fools’ on each one.)

Student: “Nice one, Mrs. [Name].”

Teacher: “Thank you.” *she pulls out some silly hats* “If you wear these you can leave till your next class!”

Class: “Really?”

Teacher: “No, but you can still wear them if you want. Now, turn to page 397 in your History book…”

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