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Making An Age-Old Mockery

| Friendly | January 19, 2015

(My friend and I often do bad impressions of older people complaining about situations, not aimed at anybody in particular. We are walking to a shop behind an older gentleman and passing an alleyway that some builders are working in. They drop something that makes a very loud noise, which catches the old gentleman’s and our attention.)

Friend: “Jaysus, they’re wreckin’ the place down there!”

Me: “I know! It’s shockin’!”

Friend: “Merciful Jaysus, shockin’ indeed!”

Me: “That wouldn’t have happened in my day!”

(Just then, the older gentlemen looked over his shoulder at us and sped up. My friend clapped her hand to her mouth and we hurried into the shop. We’re convinced he thought we were mocking him!)

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