Making A Push For The Tush

| Canada | Learning | April 17, 2017

(I work at a camp and am in charge of four-year-olds. Every morning we take the kids to go swimming at the nearby pool, where lifeguards teach them simple swimming skills. Because the kids are very young, we go into the change room with them and sometimes help the kids change if they can’t themselves. There is one shared change room for boys and girls because they’re four. A small girl starts running around the change room, stark naked, while I’m occupied.)

Me: “[Girl], please go put clothes on. Come on. We’re gonna be late!”

Girl: *at the top of her lungs, sticking out her bum* “WHO WANTS TO GRAB MY TUSHIE?”

(Everyone stares. I’m for a moment caught off guard.)

Boy: “I DO!”

(At this point I regain common sense.)

Me: “Okay, no. NO.” *restraining the boy* “Let’s all get dressed and go swimming.”

Girl: *announces loudly* “It’s okay. My daddy grabs my mummy’s tushie ALL the time.”

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