Making A Mockery Of Self-Mockery

| Geneva, Switzerland | Friendly | January 12, 2015

(I’m hanging out with a friend on a public terrace at the top of a building. Nearby are several guys a few years older than us. From their behaviour and way of talking I can tell they’re stereotypical “tough guys”, not the kind of people you would like to get in a fight with.)

Me: *to my friend* “Can we walk away from the edge of the terrace? I’m scared of heights.”

Friend: “Yeah, sure.”

Tough Guy: *in a mocking tone* “Oh, I’m scared of heights!”

(I’m a bit absent-minded and since I have my back turned, I don’t realise he’s mocking me. Finding it strange that such a tough guy would be scared of heights, I mimic him.)

Me: “Nah nah nah, I’m scared of heights!”

Tough Guy: *in a childish voice* “Nah nah nah, to yourself!”

Me: *mimicking him* “Nah nah nah to your-self!”

(I walked away as my friend tried hard not to laugh. I’m still not sure who was mocking who!)

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