Making A Mocha-ry Of Yourself, Part 3

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I work in a coffee shop in a zoo where I am one of the head baristas. I’ve been there for a few years so I’m the go-to when other staff need help and am left in charge if the manager is out.

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Yeah, hi, can I get a mocha but no coffee?”

A mocha is a hot chocolate with a single shot of coffee, no extra milk or anything.

Me: “Oh, so a hot chocolate? That’s no prob—”

Customer: “No! I wanted a mocha but no coffee.”

Me: “Sorry, but that’s what a mocha is with no coffee.”

I then explain the process of how a mocha is made.

Customer: “Just give me a mocha, no coffee.”

Me: *Pauses* “Okay, that’s £2.80, please.”

Customer: “But it says £3.30 there.”

Me: “Yes, but since you’re not having the coffee shot, I’m charging you for a hot chocolate; it saves you fifty pence.”

Customer: “Where’s your manager? I want to make a complaint! You need better training at this.”

Me: “Miss, I’ve worked here for a while now and have all my training. I’m afraid I can’t get a manager at the moment as I am in charge today.” 

Customer: “I want to be served by someone else.”

The other, less-experienced barista takes her order and explains the exact same thing I did.

Customer: “Fine, if I can’t have the manager I want the next in charge.”

I have to force myself not to show my amusement as I step back to the counter and ask her how I can help her as the colour drains from her face.

Customer: “Fine, just give me a d*** hot chocolate.”

She paid and left. And she didn’t make a complaint.

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Making A Mocha-ry Of Yourself

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