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Making A Mocha-ry Of The Order

| Working | November 20, 2016

(I go into a local fast food chain to get drinks for myself and a friend.)

Me: “Hi, could I get an Iced Mocha, and an Iced Caramel Mocha?”

Cashier: “Okay, so, a caramel frappe and a mocha frappe.”

Me: “Sorry, no, I wanted the Iced Mocha and Iced Caramel Mocha.”

Cashier: *rings me up for iced coffee, which is not the same thing* “Do you want French Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Caramel Syrup?”

Me: “Actually, I wanted the Iced Mocha.” *points to board* “Right up there.”

Cashier: *condescendingly* “Yes, did you want French Vanilla, Caramel, or Hazelnut syrup?”

Me: “None, because I don’t want an iced coffee. I wanted Iced Mochas.”

Cashier: “Don’t take that tone with me.”

(The cashier calls the manager over. I explain what I want and he punches in the two drinks.)

Cashier: “Do you still want the frappes?”

Me: “I never wanted the frappes.”

(The cashier took my money, and then practically threw the change at me. While I waited for my drinks, I noticed her whispering to coworkers and pointing at me. I can understand that it might have been her first day, but she didn’t need to treat me like that.)