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Making A Meal Out Of Good Customer Service

, , , , | Right | March 17, 2021

A coworker and I are on closing shifts at the supermarket we work at. Our hour breaks are at the same time, and we decide to treat ourselves to dinner at a good Thai restaurant in the same shopping center as our store.

We have a lovely dinner, but when we go to ask for our checks, we’re told that they’ve already been taken care of. When we ask by whom, the server gestures to a couple sitting across the way from us.

We recognize them as regular customers, and on the way out, we stop by their table to thank them for our dinner.

Customer: “You girls are always so nice to us every time we’re at [Supermarket] that we wanted to do something for you.”

While people in retail deal with their share of jerks, it’s nice to remember how very nice many people are.

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