Making A Hug(e) Difference

, , , | Friendly | April 7, 2016

(I’m having a very rough day and likely look it while I’m standing out in front of my house waiting for someone. All of a sudden the ten-year-old I sometimes babysit comes walking up, pulling his five-year-old step-sister behind him in a wagon, followed by their three-year-old half-brother on a Big Wheel, and their poodle mix bringing up the rear.)

Ten-Year-Old: “Hug train! Toot toot!”

(He proceeds to hug me, steps forward just enough for his step-sister to hug my legs, and then his half-brother hugs me next.)

Ten-Year-Old: “[Dog], hugs!”

(The poodle mix, who has been trained to hug on command, then jumps up and hugs me, too.)

Five-Year-Old: *pointing to their driveway where their grandmother is getting out of the car* “Nana’s here!”

Ten-Year-Old: “Come on, let’s go hug her next!”

(I had a huge smile on my face while the “hug train” went off to hug their grandmother. I actually forgot about what was bothering me for a little while.)

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