Making A Graceful Exit

| USA | Friendly | July 14, 2015

(At the table next to me is quite a large group. It is obviously a family, with one of the children’s friends. The girl is about 13.)

Adult #1: “Before we eat, let’s say grace.”

Girl: “Excuse me; I am going to the bathroom.”

Adult #2: “No dear, stay for grace.”

Girl: “That’s okay, thanks.”

Adult #1: “Do you not want to say grace?”

Girl: “Well… I am an Atheist.”

Adult #1: “What?!”

Girl: “I don’t believe in God.”

(I notice that the whole table erupts in chatter, and Adult #1 is especially firing off insults to the girl. As I go to the bathroom I stop briefly by her chair.)

Me: “Don’t worry sweetie, they wouldn’t realize that there are many different answers even if God taught them for a year straight.”

(I noticed that after I left the girl was very polite in taking their hands and simply joining them in their grace.)

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