Making A Fool Of Himself

| Romantic | August 5, 2013

(I’m at my sister’s house, helping her out because she’s been feeling sick lately. She decides to take a pregnancy test, and it turns out positive. She’s about to tell her husband. It’s April 1st.)

Sister: “Guess what honey? I’m pregnant!”

Sister’s Husband: *rolls eyes and ignores her*

Sister: “Isn’t this good news?”

Sister’s Husband: “Really? It’s not good news. It’s annoying.”

Sister: *starts crying and runs out*

Sister’s Husband: *to me* “What’s her problem?”

Me: “Are you serious?! What’s your problem?! Couldn’t you support her? She’s the one pregnant here! At least fake it!”

Sister’s Husband: “Ugh, not you too. It’s really not funny!”

Me:“How would this be funny? She’s pregnant!”

Sister’s Husband: “Wait, you’re serious?”

(I nod.)

Sister’s Husband: “S***! I thought this was her April Fool’s joke. Tell her I love her, and I’ll be back in a minute. I need to go to the store and buy chocolate!”

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