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Making A Complete Boob Of Himself

| Learning | August 1, 2016

(It is October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of my students shows up with a ‘Save the Boobies’ bracelet. He shows it to me.)

Me: “I’m glad you’re supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month!”

(His face falls. I know this nine-year-old imp and figure he is trying to create a stir. I fire off an e-mail to all the fourth-grade teachers, special teachers, and administration. I tell them he is wearing the bracelet and trying to create a stir. Instead of reacting negatively – every time he waves it in a staff member’s face we respond with a fact or personal story about breast cancer – we stick with ones where the person survived just in case he has had a family member diagnosed. At conference, I call his mom.)

Me: “Hi, [Student’s Mother]. Your son is wearing a Breast Cancer Awareness month bracelet. Does he know someone who has been diagnosed? If so, we want to support him.”

Student’s Mother: “What? No, he found the bracelet. It’s inappropriate to wear that to school. He must have hidden it in his backpack.”

(A week later the boy showed up with a presentation about breast cancer and research. I love good parents!)

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