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Making A Communication Insinuation

| Working | December 9, 2016

(Somebody recruiting me has called me. Although I didn’t catch the company name, the woman asks so many pointless questions about my personal situation that I think I am taking a survey, so I’m speaking casually, but also am confused as to what this is about. I’ll admit I have trouble talking on the phone because it takes me a few seconds to think of what to say. I don’t remember most of the questions but I do remember this.)

Caller: “How long have you been out of work for?”

Me: “I haven’t had a paid job.”

Caller: “That’s since…”

(A minute of talking later.)

Caller: “Have you checked the email we sent you with three videos?”

(This is when it clicks that this is indeed for a job.)

Me: *after a few seconds* “I don’t remember. I’ll open up my inbox.”

Caller: “Have I called at a bad time? Because I have hundreds of people to call and you’re not communicating.”

(I don’t know how on earth I’m supposed to respond to that. All I know is that I definitely don’t want to work for these people.)

Caller: “Do you want me to send an email with the videos?”

Me: “No. I’m good.”

Caller: “Yeah, I don’t think you’re the sort of person we’re looking for.”

(I know you can’t judge a company by one employee, but I think my bad communication skills saved me on this one.)

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