Making A Collect Call

, , , | Working | July 14, 2018

(I need to get a new gazebo, so I have a look online first to see if I can get a good bargain. I also live an hour away from the nearest stores, so I want to make sure they have what I need first. One particular retailer has the exact gazebo I want for 50% off so I visit the store but, when I get there, it’s listed at full price. I approach an employee.)

Me: “Hi. I saw on your website that you have this gazebo for 50% off, but it’s listed as full price on the shelf. Do you know why?”

Employee: “We’ve started doing online-only offers, so the 50% off would be an online offer.”

Me: “Oh, right. I didn’t notice it was an online offer, and I drove an hour here. Is there any way I can get the online price?”

Employee: “I’m afraid not. You have to order through the website to get that price.”

Me: “That’s fair, I guess. When did you start doing online orders for delivery? I thought your site just showed what’s available.”

Employee: “We don’t do delivery, but if you see something you like you can reserve it for store pick up.”

Me: “And if I reserve it for store pick-up, do I get the online price?”

Employee: “Yep!”

Me: “Okay… and once I reserve it, how long before I can collect it?”

Employee: “If we have it in stock, you can collect it immediately!”

Me: “Right. One second…” *takes out phone* “I just reserved a gazebo online. Can I collect it, please?”

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