Making A Clean Getaway

, , | Right | May 10, 2016

(I work in the skincare area of a large pharmacy. One very busy day a mother and her almost teenage daughter come in looking for advice. The mother has just been diagnosed with rosacea and is looking to update her skincare products. I spend around a half hour – being regularly interrupted by other customers – helping her understand the condition and find suitable products within her budget. She ends up buying a lot!)

Me: “Okay, so your total comes to €70. I’ve also given you some samples of more products to try at home!”

Mother: “Oh, how kind! Thank you! But before we go, my daughter has been getting some spots recently and I was wondering what she could start using?”

Me: *remembering that we have a free full-sized cleanser that would be perfect for her young skin, I pop it in the bag with her other items* “This gentle cleansing wash would be very gentle and non-drying on her young skin.”

Mother: “That sounds great. How much will it be?”

Me: “Absolutely free! You’re spending quite a lot already, so let it be a nice extra for you both!”

Mother: “Are you sure? Wow, that’s too much!”

Me: “You’ve been so patient and lovely that you more than deserve it! Thank you!”

(The mother and daughter thank me profusely and leave. I’m stocking shelves a little while later when someone taps me on the shoulder.)

Mother & Daughter: “You were so helpful and nice that we just had to get you something to say thank you!” *hands me a box of chocolates*

Me: “Thank you so much!”

Daughter: *hugs me and waves goodbye*

(Their thoughtfulness really made my day! I ended up sharing the chocolates with my colleagues as we were all very stressed that day!)

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