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Making A Cart-felt Plea, Part 2

, , , | Right | October 22, 2020

I am in the store picking up a couple of things. Unfortunately, I have a huge headache when this happens, to the point where I’m just kind of out of it. There are three types of carts: a mini one, which is obviously far easier for light shoppers to use, the regular-sized one, and a wide one for bulk shoppers. I am using the only mini one I could find in the cart bay. 

After I pay, I come out to the cart bay to return my cart. I notice a female standing there who sees my cart and waits for me to get my stuff so she can take it. For some reason, I do not notice the man pulling a regular-sized cart from the bay, noticing my mini cart, and gently pushing the regular cart away to get mine as well. I do notice, however, when I remove my things and he grabs the end of the mini cart. I was planning on giving it to the woman who saw it first, and it takes me a moment to realize this.

I look up at him, and in a confused and slightly irritated tone, I speak up.

Me: “Excuse me, what are you doing? This woman obviously saw the cart first. I’m giving it to her.”

A heartbeat of silence passes between all three of us before the man and woman start laughing. My face contorts in confusion, which the woman notices, and she grabs the man’s hand.

Woman: “Oh, honey, it’s okay. He’s my husband.” *Chuckling* “But thank you very much for sticking up for me over a silly cart.”

I turn bright red and start stammering.

Me: “Oh, my God, I am sorry! I have a headache and I am so out of it; I am so sorry!”

They laugh lightheartedly and shake their heads.

Man: “Don’t be sorry; it’s okay.”

They then took the cart and walked into the store. Apparently, I made their day. Me, on the other hand, well… I’m sure I’ll lie in bed at three am in the future and my brain will suddenly remember this embarrassment.

Making A Cart-felt Plea

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