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Making A Boob Of One Self, Part 4

| Working | June 26, 2015

(I have just had my first daughter and am out shopping with her for the first time since she was born. About midway through, she starts crying because she’s hungry and I look for a quiet place to hunker down and feed her. I find a little bench in the women’s shoe department, sit down facing the wall, and start feeding my baby. I hear someone come up behind me. It’s an employee from another department.)

Man: “Ahem. Ma’am, the bathroom is right over there.” *points none too subtly*

(I ignore him and continue feeding my daughter.)

Man: “Ma’am, I’ll be happy to escort you there.”

Me: “Thanks, but no thanks. Almost done anyway. ”

Man: *sighs heavily* “Ma’am, I’ve been kind. You need to go there NOW. That’s indecent.”

Me: “Says you.”

Man: “I WILL have you kicked out.”

Me: “Under what grounds?”

Man: “Indecent exposure.”

Me: *I switch her to the other side* “I have an idea. It’s close to lunchtime. Why don’t you come in and eat with us? Grab your lunch.”

Man: “What?!”

Me: “Well, would you eat your lunch in a bathroom?”

Man: “No, that’s disgusting!”

Me: “Then don’t ask me to feed my kid there.”

Man: “Then kindly leave the store.”

Me: “No, thank you.”

(He finally stormed off and returned a little while later with a manager, just as I was finishing burping my daughter. The manager apologized to me and stomped off while his employee stood there gape-jawed as I calmly packed up and resumed shopping. In a society that glorifies boobs, isn’t it funny that they become ‘immoral and indecent’ when they’re actually being used for what they were developed for in the first place?)

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