Making A Bobe Of Yourself

, , , , | Romantic | July 16, 2017

(My wife and I are in bed, using her laptop to write thank-you cards for our recent wedding.)

Wife: “I have to use the bathroom. And after that I’m going to move to my desk, which means I’m going to put on panties.”

Me: “Noooo, no more naked times. But will I still get to group your bobes?”

Wife: “…What?”

Me: *rearranging the vowels in my head* “Grope your boobs?”

Wife: “Yes… you can still do that.”

Me: “But you’ll be wearing underwear, so I can’t play with your pants-parts.”

Wife: “I’m not sure WHAT new language you’re writing over there… but I want in.”

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  • Cathrope

    Both babies and some grown men love the boobies.

    • Dani

      And lesbians and bi/pan women! 😉

      • Frédéric Purenne

        I know plenty of girls who are straight and still love boobs, my GF included.

    • Nerdman51


      • Cathrope


  • Luke Green


  • Deadpool

    Yay! Bobies!

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    Bobes and pants-parts are the best parts of a woman, right alongside the ays.

  • HeadlessGhostOfAbrahamLincoln

    S e x! You cant say s e x on this thing?

    • HeadlessGhostOfAbrahamLincoln

      note, this is for a reply i have that is pending

    • Flami


  • Jackie Fauxe

    I legitimately thought that was a typo at first because we’ve seen so many since the site changed.

    However, this past week has been type/error free, I think, and that’s a great sign.

  • Leelee

    You’re writing thank you notes on your laptop? Shouldn’t those be handwritten?

    • Sofiya

      This is where my first thought went too!