Making A Baby With Con-Text

| Romantic | March 12, 2015

(My husband and I are trying to make a baby. My fertile window is just starting so we should be having lots of sex, but I have a cold. I already had an early dinner.)

Husband: “Hey, dear, you mind if I steal the last pizza?”

Me: “Go ahead! One condition though: I get to have one slice. And also cuddles!”

(He comes over and hugs me.)

Me: “This is nice! I feel like we should probably have sex today, but I also feel to blergh for that to happen… Definitely tomorrow, though. I’ll be so up for sex tomorrow! Friday the 13th should be lucky to make babies, right?”

Husband: “Yay, sex tomorrow! You’ll have to send me dirty texts at work.”

Me: “For real? I get to send you naughty texts? At work? I thought that was against your rules?”

Husband: *amused* “Just this once. Dirty texts. Lots of them. And when I get home, we make a baby. Deal?”

Me: “Deal! You’re getting all of the texts. Now that I have permission there will be no stopping me.”

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