Makes You Want To ‘Walk Out’

, | Working | January 15, 2016

(At weekends, I run the very small call centre for my workplace, usually just two people. This day, one of our newer members of staff is rota’d in with me. It’s worth noting she’s been in the industry nearly as long as I have, and is studying at university.)

Coworker: *on phone* “We don’t have any appointments for that time, but if you just come in we can see you as a walk-in.” *muffled reply* “Okay, so that will be 2.30 tomorrow, for a walk-in appointment.” *hangs up*

Me: *stares in abject horror*

Coworker: “[My Name], I think there’s something wrong with the system. It won’t let me book a walk-in appointment for tomorrow.”

(After twenty minutes of me trying to explain that a walk-in appointment can only be booked when a patient WALKS IN, I convinced a manager to take her off the phones, and never let her work them again. I’m still not sure she understands why.)

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