Makes You Want To Curse(ive)

| Broussard, LA, USA | Learning | November 29, 2015

(I’ve loved to read and write since I learned how. When I was in first grade, I found a book that taught me how to write in cursive, which was a third-grade subject. At the beginning of my third grade year, I want the teacher to know what I can do. On a test, I proudly write my name in cursive. When my teacher hands back the text, she’s written in red pen:)

Teacher: “Good job, but write in print next time!”

(She sees me frowning and leans down to explain.)

Teacher: “It’s not fair that you’ve learned something no one else has, [My Name]. Everyone else will catch up in a few months, but until then, I want you to stick to print, okay?”

(I had knowledge no one else did, and instead of encouraging me, my teacher told me to hide it.)

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