Makes You (Constantly) Question Humanity

| Right | July 10, 2017

(We have been selling a lot of items recently on a local selling page. We don’t sell anything that is in bad condition; most look brand new and are always priced fairly. I am very clear and honest with the description and put up plenty of pictures. We have some artwork that doesn’t fit in the new house, hand painted oil on canvas. We managed to buy it very cheap and are selling it even cheaper. We have all sorts of questions.)

Woman #1: “What colour is it?” *despite being listed as yellow and with several pictures*

Man #1: “Can you deliver to [100 miles away].”

Woman #2: “Can I try it out in my house before I buy it?”

Woman #3: “Do you know someone who can fit this for me?”

Man #2: “I don’t like the gold bits; can you drop the price?”

(My favourite:)

Woman #4: “Will it fit my wall?”

Me: “The picture is [X] by [Y]. We have tried it on several walls and found the bigger walls show it off better. But it is down to taste.”

Woman #4: “Can you come round and see if it will fit?”

Me: “I can offer local delivery for fuel money, but I don’t want to drive around every house in case you don’t want it. If size is the problem and you like the picture it will fit nicely on any wall that is bigger than both stretched out arms.”

Woman #4: “Oh I don’t know; it’s for my sister, but I’m sure if you bring it round she will like it and probably buy it from you.”

(The picture is still in the cupboard at home.)

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