Makes Sure You Pass, Not Pass Out

, , , | Hopeless | February 6, 2017

I have to take the city bus to get to the elementary school where I’m doing my education practicum (basically shadowing another teacher and teaching his class part time). I also work full time evening shifts at a liquor store, and with planning my lessons on top of that I’m typically able to sleep from only three am to six am. If I miss a day of school or show up late, I risk being kicked out of my program.

After a few weeks of taking the bus, almost always with the same driver, I pass out shortly after getting on. The driver stopped at my usual stop, walked to the back of the bus, and woke me up so that I wouldn’t be late. Without his act of kindness I would let down my students and could have been kicked out of my program.

So thank you to all those bus drivers who go the extra mile!

Towards the end of my practicum he started driving a different route. On my last day I brought a coffee card for his replacement and one for her to pass on to him.

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