Makes Me American Cry

| USA | Friendly | October 29, 2015

(My friend and I are both fourteen-year-old girls. We both come from very strict families, and so we’re both sheltered and pretty naive for our age. We’re walking to the bus stop together.)

Me: “So what did you do on the weekend?”

Friend: “Went to the movies with my family.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, what did you see?”

Friend: “…American Pie.”

Me: “Oh, I’ve heard that was good! Was it?”

(My friend gets all silent and stares at the ground for a while. I’m guessing that she didn’t think that it was good, even though I heard it was funny. Finally she speaks.)

Friend: *haunted voice* “…He was f***ing a pie.”

Me: “Huh?!” *completely confused*

Friend: “Don’t watch it.” *walks away*

(It wasn’t until years later I watched it and realized what she was talking about!)

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