Makes Jew Want To Move Out

, | MA, USA | Friendly | July 18, 2016

(I am getting to know my college roommate, who up to this point has been, by all accounts, a very likable person.)

Roommate: *conversationally* “Oh, by the way, I was once arrested for a hate crime. Wasn’t convicted though.”

Me: *silent for a few seconds* “Um… what?”

Roommate: *still without batting an eye* “Yeah, I beat the s*** out of one of those d*** Jews. Got nothing against the gays though, so you’re fine.”

Me: *still in shock* “Well, that’s comforting.”

(Suffice to say, I requested a room change shortly after. Part of me thought he might have been joking, but I wasn’t going to share a room with a possibly violent bigot, regardless of whether it was directed at my particular minority.)

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